of cabbages and kinks
[2004-07-18 - 8:57 a.m.]

Well, after typing out a perfectly lovely entry, I went and lost it so here was the gist of what I said:

I'm feeling alawt betta. Maybe because I quit my job or maybe because I'm going to ask Melissa if I can stay with her in South Fla while I job hunt down there, or maybe because in the last 3.5 years I have finally got a real vacation.

Sorry work-a-holics out there, but I think I need at least 2 weeks away from work to feel like I wanna go back.

AND these guys are all doing ok:

But Joey isn't. I don't have a picture of him on this laptop. Sorry. All you have to do is imagine Jack Black and Kenau Reeves in a blender, and Whala! you've got Joey.

The milkmaids in my black and white kitchen toile are saying it's time to wake up the girls for breakfast. `lata diary.

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