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[2004-07-11 - 11:06 p.m.]

On my birthday, we attended sailfest downtown. Tim wanted to do something nice for me, so he treated us to supper and came with me to see the fireworks. He's 20 and single and he could have made plans with his friends and just handed me a card. I hate how I can forget that part of the evening because of another aspect to the evening. On the other hand, I love how sweet he can be. It's just a stinkin shame people don't take a lesson from him and act right.

They say that about 300,000 people infest State Street, Bank Street and the general waterfront area over a 3 day period. That number sounds right, since at one point, it took 40 minutes to walk (single file, because Mr. and Mrs. and Grandma and Jr. Selfishpants all set up lawn chairs OUTSIDE the designated seating areas on the dock) to walk 3 blocks.

So, we went, and saw, and listened, and took it all in. Let me officially go on the record as saying that indeed they do, and every one of them comes with a complimentary tank full of stupid.

Next July 10th, I'm goin` campin`. Alone. Just me, God, and can of Deep Woods Off. On second thought, the kids can come too if they want, but God better call 'Shotgun' before one of them do, or...well, heaven help him.

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